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Praying the Priestly Prayer: A 30-Day Journey to Unlocking God's Ancient Secret of Blessing

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What if you could unlock God's ancient secret of blessing with a prayer?
This book will help you understand the full meaning of this ancient prayer and unlock its supernatural power of blessing in your life.
Learn to unlock God’s blessing and favor on your life in thirty days by praying this "Divine Prayer of the Blessing" over yourself and others in the way God intended so you too can receive the "full supernatural impartation" in the same manner that the children of Israel did!  
In Praying the Priestly Prayer, Warren Marcus explains the deeper meaning of the prayer through his "Amplified Hebrew to English translation" of this ancient scripture and coaches you on how to make this blessing a part of your daily life!
God wants to be proclaimed over you every day to bring:
Supernatural favor
And so much more!

Paperback, 160 pages