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Youth Revival CD. Hillsong Young & Free

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Born out of Hillsong United, the youth element of Hillsong Church's musical output, Hillsong Y&F is about being simple and genuine.

Described by Laura Toggs, the youth pastor of Y&F, as 'Bringing a new sound and giving expression to what God is doing in our youth now', Hillsong's latest addition to their output is not merely a side-project, but a wholly new approach to being the voice of this generation.

With near two million plays on Spotify, 'Where You Are', the latest single and opening track on 'Youth Revival' showcases Y&F's ability to seamlessly blend Calvin Harris-esque electro/pop with worship lyrics which express the desire to seek the truth and offer the chance to respond.

Recorded in Sydney, 'Youth Revival' is an album not merely tailored to this generation, but formed by it; by its voice, its sound, and its faith.

CD Track Listing:

1. "Where You Are" 
2. "Real Love" 
3. "Only Wanna Sing" 
4. "Face to Face" 
5. "To My Knees" 
6. "Trust" 
7. "Never Alone" 
8. "When the Fight Calls"
9. "Falling into You"
10. "This Is Living" 
11. "In Your Eyes" 
12. "Passion" 

1. "Created Youth" 
2. "This is Living" 
3. "Falling Into You" 
4. "Where You Are"
5. "Face to Face" 
6. "Fallen Youth: The Fall"
7. "Fallen Youth: Buzz" 
8. "To My Knees" 
9. "Trust" 
10. "When the Fight Calls" 
11. "In Your Eyes" 
12. "Never Alone" 
13. "Rescued Youth"
14. "Passion" 
15. "Only Wanna Sing" 
16. "Authentic Youth" 
17. "Real Love"