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Peace Volume II CD - Bethel Music

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In seasons of unrest when we can’t see what lies ahead we can find Peace in the person that is Jesus. He is constant, unchanging, and near. Bethel Music and Ed Cash have created Peace, Volume II for those who are needing to be reminded that the love and serenity of the Father is closer than we know. The album features well-known songs “Graves Into Gardens”, “Rescue”, “You Came”, and “You're Gonna Be Ok” and includes the voices of many familiar Bethel Music artists; plus guests Phil Wickham, Lauren Daigle, We The Kingdom, and Pat Barrett. Using bi-lateral audio, with frequencies scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and soundscapes coupled with the truth of the Word of God, each song is produced with the intention of creating a peaceful atmosphere for listeners to experience God’s presence. Our prayer is that our album Peace, Volume II would bring you into the unending peace of God the Father, and that His Presence would bring refreshing to your mind, body, and soul.

Track Listing:

1. You're Gonna Be Ok - Bethel Music, Jenn Johnson

2. You Came (Lazarus) - Bethel Music, Jonathan David Helser, Melissa Helser

3. Rescue - Bethel Music, Lauren Daigle

4. Graves into Gardens - Bethel Music, Brandon Lake

5. The Light In You - Bethel Music, We The Kingdom

6. Battle Belongs - Bethel Music, Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson

7. Build My Life - Bethel Music, Pat Barrett

8. Another in the Fire - Bethel Music, Bethany Wohrle

9. Way Maker - Bethel Music, Dante Bowe

10. Living Hope - Bethel Music, Phil Wickham

11. It is Well - Bethel Music, Edward Rivera

12. Arrows (I Will Be With You) - Bethel Music, We The Kingdom