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Field, The CD - Kristene Dimarco

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Kristene Dimarco

The Field, Kristene DiMarco’s highly anticipated sophomore album, born out of a vulnerable time spent with the Lord in the summer of 2020, speaks to our most basic need as followers of Christ: being with Him. Repentance driven, this album points its listeners back to the basics, that conviction and correction from the Lord is the most beautiful thing; it’s in His kindness and love that He calls us back to Him. Inspired by the sounds of blues-rock and rhythm & blues, DiMarco sets out to remind us that maybe the Lord doesn’t have the same opinions as us, and that God deeply feels the times and the seasons that we are in on this earth. 

Track Listing:

1 What if Jesus

2 Revolution

3 You Are My Country

4 Don't Pass Me By

5 Idle Idols

6 That's Why Jesus Came

7 Wherever You Lead

8 Decided

9 The Field

10 Gravity

11 Revival

12 Lorlats Song