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Where the Jungle Calls. Fun and Adventures in the Jungles of New Guinea

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When their parents leave Auckland to take up teaching positions in Papua New Guinea, Rose, Penny and Peter find themselves swept away into a great adventure, sailing the blue Pacific to a mission school deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. For the children, it is a dream come true. They swap the concrete jungle for a living green one that teems with life and adventure. For three years they explore and play in the jungle. It was a childhood most children dream of. They become adventurers and explorers in their own wild kingdom. They swim and fish in the rivers and make huts and gardens where they grow pineapples, peanuts and bananas. They chase huge emerald and blue butterflies. They run barefoot and free, and imagine themselves as Tarzan and Jane, swinging on vines through the jungle. But there are hidden dangers lurking: snakes, scorpions, jerry-wars , malaria - and in the sea and rivers are fearsome crocodiles.

Hardcover 290 pages