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Born to Live

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New Zealand Author

Were you born to die or were you...

Peter Yarrell takes us on an allegorical multi-stage bike ride drawing on real life moments, being carried in and out of situations that could be described as extraordinary.

After meeting his Divine Coach as a teenager, Peter is presented with an option; a fork in the road that demands his attention and courage to which he initially balks at. The Coach has other ideas and finding an honest and tender heart, steers Peter down a route he cannot return from, riding stages that engulf him in adventures that make for captivating reading.

Each stage will take you on a ride with Pete, as he stumbles yet learns and slowly discovers the Coach has a plan and a purpose he would never have dreamed of.

As in any bike race there is inevitably a sprint to the finish. You have the opportunity to ride over the line with him or haul on your brakes and stop.

Ride in the peloton with Pete for a few hours and be courageous enough to ask yourself, honestly; "Am I born to die or born to live?"

135 pages