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Building Bridges. Stories of Faith and Transformations from the Jungles of Papua New Guinea

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Missionary and storyteller, Roy Woods, spent 18 years walking in the jungle trails of Papua New Guinea, building bridges of friendship with the Aekyom people and sharing the Gospel of Christ through love in action.
The Aekyom people of Papua New Guinea lived as cannibals in treehouses. Fear, hate, and the spirit world consumed their lives until the message of God's love and forgiveness compelled them to put down their weapons of hate. Roy, along with his wife, Ruth witnessed first hand how the love of God transformed a people consumed with hate and fear to a people who reached out to their enemies with love and forgiveness.
In Building Bridges, Roy shares stories of miracles, transformation, and lessons learned on faith and friendship. From everyday missionary life to the powerful revival movement among the local people, Roy's stories invite you to put your hand in the Lord's and to walk more closely with Him so you can build bridges of love and friendship with others.
252 pages