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Circles - Dante Brown CD

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Circles marks the highly-anticipated sophomore release and label debut from Atlanta-based songwriter and artist, Dante Bowe. The 13-song collection represents reflections Dante penned as he spent time in 2020 learning and appreciating his own roots, honoring the people and the journey that have formed him. Like a patchwork quilt discovered at grandma’s house, this project tells a story; and Bowe artfully weaves his newfound perspective from looking back into every song. Set against an infectious mix of R&B, soul and gospel style, Bowe confides in and inspires listeners with thoughts on struggle, perseverance, and faith. Dante’s lyrics bring listeners in close and make space for real conversation, with the honesty and comfort one would feel from a close friend. The album’s title track sits like a perfect prologue, reminding us that in life’s highest or lowest seasons, we are known and held. “Joyful” is a breath of fresh air at a time when we all need it. “Over and Over” testifies of the way Jesus can turn a life around; its guitar-driven groove amplifying that gladness. Bowe sets the record straight in “Family Tree”, a heartfelt tribute to family and possibility. Circles celebrates that the potential of our story with God is limitless, and that our past is not something to fear, but to gain strength and courage from.

1 Circles
2 Okay.
3 Joyful
4 Just Me
5 All God's Children
6 Real Kind Of Love
7 Good Times
8 Keep Going
9 I Wanna Know You
10 Love Is In The Air
11 Family Tree
12 Over And Over
13 You