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Come Up Here. Encounter the Beauty of God

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Come Up Here is a book about God's desire for the church to see His glory, encounter His heart, and be equipped to carry His power at the end of the age. Revelation 4 and 5 give us one of the most detailed descriptions of God's majesty in all of Scripture. As we see His glory, experience His greatness, and encounter His goodness, we are enabled to carry out His work in the earth while loving Him wholeheartedly. This is what He wants for every single believer. As you read this book, you will be equipped with: key themes of the end-times, the beauty of God, the glory of Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit and God's desire for the Church to carry unshakeable hope and revival in the earth during the end-times. Discover the joy, power, faith and courage God intends for you as you experience His heart and grow in intimacy with Him.
167 pages