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Creative God Colourful Us

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The days of being "colourblind" are over. It's time to be colorsmart.

Consider the complex beauty of God's creation. Shadow interplays with light. The height of a mountain contrasts with a valley. The green leaves of summer blend into autumn's red and gold. Eight legs are perfect for one creature, while two--or a hundred--are right for another. With so much diversity evident in God's creation, why would we expect things to be different with the humans who are made in His image? And why on earth would we ever want to overlook it?

Trillia Newbell wants to help you see the colorful human experience as a basis for sacred worship. Our differences aren't a cause for division, but celebration. In Creative God, Colorful Us, Trillia helps children--and the caregivers who love them--rejoice in their God-given differences without forgetting the truth that we're all the children of one Heavenly Father. With a steadfast commitment to Scripture and the gospel, Trillia lays out in a warm and winsome way the biblical basis for celebrating the diversity of God's handiwork. 

Don't let the amazing diversity of the human race be tarnished by arguments or politics. Colour wasn't something we came up with. It is the very good idea of God Himself.

Ages 8-12

116 pages