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I Know a Ghost CD

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This album contains a wide variety of musical influences, while still leading the listener in a unique style of worship that Crowder is known for.

Track Listing:
1 I Know a Ghost
2 Wildfire 
3 Golgotha Hill (King of Love) 
4 Crushing Snakes (Feat. Taya) 
5 Red Letters
6 Let It Rain (Is There Anybody) (Feat. Mandisa) 
7 Everyday I'm Blessed
8 I'm Leaning on You (Feat. Riley Clemmons)
9 No Rival (Feat. JR)
10 Child of God
11 Happy Day
12 Night Like This
13 La Luz (Feat. Social Club Misfits)
14 The Sinner's Cure
15 Hundred Miles
16 Ghost