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Journey Out, The. How I Followed Jesus Away from Gay

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You've been looking for Jesus.  At one time or another you have likely felt conflicted by two opposing desires: the longing to be truly seen and known, versus the drive to hide from real intimacy. This universal human experience points to one simple truth - we want to be loved, but are ashamed of our unworthiness. 

Only one Person could ever meet you in this dilemma, seeing your darkest secrets without flinching, offering the power to change, and loving you without an agenda. This Person is Jesus. 

Before meeting Jesus, Ken Williams describes himself as a homosexual who was tormented by shame and on the brink of committing suicide. But in the person of Jesus, Ken discovered the affirmation, love, and wholeness he had been seeking. 

Since then, Ken has worked tirelessly to help others experience the same hope he found. Today, his life's work is to cultivate a productive and compassionate environment for those bound by sexual shame, insecurity, and fear, so that they can thrive in righteousness, peace and joy! 

In The Journey Out , Ken Williams will... 

Reveal that change and freedom from same sex attraction are possible
Demystify homosexuality and gender identity issues 
Help you to make a deep, authentic connection with Jesus
Offer wisdom for supporters: parents, family, friends, or pastors

 If you are longing to be deeply known and unconditionally loved, your heart is crying out for Jesus. You will meet Him in the pages of The Journey Out, and discover a new life filled with true hope and enduring joy!

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