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Kathryn Kuhlman: Daughter of Destiny, The only Authorised Biography

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I personally don't like "tell all" books. They seem to seek to uncover and tarnish the reputations of those we admire, when we already know of their humanity. It usually speaks more about the insecurity of the author than it does of their subject. What makes matters worse, is that the person written about is no longer around to defend or explain themselves. But that is not the nature of Daughter of Destiny. Not in the least. I walked away with an even greater respect for this woman of God-with the hope that God could use me, too. I think that was probably the reason she wanted the whole truth to be told. To give all of us hope.
Bill Johnson
Bethel Church, Redding, CA
Author of Born for Significance and The Way of Life

It is impossible to write about Kathryn Kuhlman without writing about God. Her life was not her own. In a very real way, she was a daughter of destiny. Chosen. Ordained to be His special handmaiden. - Jamie Buckingham

Wherever Kathryn Kuhlman went, people who once thought miracles impossible learned to believe in miracles.
Before she died, she asked that only Jamie Buckingham be allowed to write her official biography-withholding nothing. Here, then, is the story, not of a plaster saint, but of a very human woman-of marriage and divorce, of betrayal within her own staff, of the shadowy events that surrounded her death. It is the story of Kathryn Kuhlman that few knew, as she wanted it told-all of it. It is the story of the redhead from Missouri who became the foremost woman evangelist of the 20th century.

Enhanced with personal photographs from Kathryn's family album, illustrating her life story.

352 pages



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