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Moon Speaks, The

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Children love exploring the world around them-studying the flowers, playing in the dirt, and marveling at the clouds. The Moon Speaks, a poetic bedtime board book, shows that behind the creation children love so much stands the God who loves them even more. God speaks to us through the trees, telling of His strength. He speaks to us through the sun, telling of His glory. He speaks to us through the stars, telling of His infinity. Everywhere we look, God speaks! 24 pages. Hardcover. Ages 1-4.

This book's steady and soothing text provides a calming, worshipful experience for children right before they fall asleep:

The moon speaks.


Shining so bright, Mirroring light. Ruling the night.


Isn't it beautiful?

The moon. The moon. The beautiful moon.


The Moon Speaks will help young children understand that creation is telling us something: God is there, God made the world and us, and God wants us to know Him!

Hardcover board book. Ages 1-4 

24 pages