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Revival - Planetshakers CD

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As the world faced one of its most challenging predicaments and the church globally faced restrictions in the free world that were surprising to say the leas, God declared over Planetshakers as a movement Revival! He then opened up a window of opportunity for us to join together as a church to hold "Revival" Conference where we recorded this live album. It was raw, emotional and it was powerful! In the midst of restriction, God was not restricted. He moved in healing power restoring, renewing, reviving. We want to share this experience with the world with the hope of encouraging and empowering others to stand on God's promise and believe in His ability to revive any situation with His mighty resurrection power.



  1. I know You Can
  2. Way Truth Life
  3. All My Life
  4. I Stand In Awe
  5. Back to Life
  6. Above The Storm
  7. Free Indeed
  8. I Gotta Praise
  9. Running
  10. In Your Presence
  11. Revival's Here