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Zion Covenant Series, The. 9 BOOKS IN THE SERIES

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Opening in 1936, the Zion Covenant series tells the courageous and compelling stories of those who risk everything to stand against the growing tide of Nazi terrorism that is sweeping through central Europe under the dangerous and deceitful guise of Hitler's Third Reich. A new study guide is included in each book. 350 pages




 Prague Counterpoint finds Elisa watching in horror as Hitler's forces sweep through her beloved Vienna and he directs his ambition toward the takeover of Czechoslovakia. As Europe slides irrevocably toward the brink of war, Elisa is torn between the Underground's lofty political goals and the safety of two little boys...And underneath it all, her heart yearns for John. Will she ever see him again? 350 pages




 When Elisa is at last reunited with Murphy, the danger seems past for young Charles; or is it? Munich Signature finds Leah and Louis attempting to escape Austria over the treacherous footpaths of the Alps, while Murphy and Elisa begin their trip toward New York and the promise of healing for Charles' disfigurement, homeless on the open seas, she stands precariously between Hitler's domination of Europe and the possibility of destroying his power once and for all. 350 pages




For Jews in pre-war Europe, the terrifying truth is uncovered: Truly they have no place to go. Escape or perish, but escape where? As Central Europe is taken over by the Nazis under celebrated headlines of Peace in Our Times. hundreds of thousands pay the price for Hitler's international deception.

In Jerusalem Interlude, Leah and Shimon Feldstein finally reach the Promised Land. They enter their new life and the shadow of the Western Wall, only to find that a longer, more sinister shadow is casting its darkness over the Holy Land. Will they ever find true peace, a resting place for their spirits? Or will their time in Jerusalem be only a brief interlude in the ongoing struggle for a homeland? 350 pages




 The net of Hitler's Third Reich begins to close around the Jews in pre-war Europe, and millions are trapped in the sinister web. Kristal Nacht, the Night of Broken Glass, shatters the last illusions for the thousands who hoped to escape the Nazi terror.

As the synagogues of Berlin burn and Jewish homes are plundered, two families face the grim reality of life in the New Germany. Anna Lindheim's sister Helen and her pastor husband Karl Isben are arrested for helping the Jews. The Isben children, Lori and Jamie, must find a way to escape their Nazi pursuers and get past the iron gates that keep them imprisoned in the Reich.

Young Peter Wallich, with his mother, sister and baby brother, faces the same dilemma. How can he, a Jew, get them out of Berlin to safety? How can they reach Danzig, the one place that offers hope, the promise of freedom? And then there is Lucy, in such desperate straits herself. How can she possibly help these children?  350 pages 




Having overrun Czechoslovakia, the iron baton of Hitler's Third Reich is poised to orchestrate a requiem for Warsaw. Foreshadowing an international nightmare the world will never forget, millions are imperiled, destined to be caught and crushed the the Fuhrer's grasp.

Lori Ibsen and Jacob Kalner, along with Jamie, Mark and Alfie, take refuge in Danzig, hoping they will be safe there while awaiting a ship to England. Peter Wallich escapes to Warsaw, desperately seeking a place among the Jews in Muranow Square. Lucy Strasburg, about to deliver her "SS child," stays behind in Danzig, hoping to evade the clutches of Wolf von Fritschauer. But there is no safe place in pre-war Europe. Hitler's bombers hover over Danzig and Warsaw, a dark shadow of terror of death. 350 pages




England teeters on the brink of war. It's no longer a question of if. It's a matter of when. In the dark fall of 1939 the hopes of the polish people fade as Nazi bombers strafe the beloved city of Warsaw. Politicians debate while hundreds stand in lines at the British Embassy, desperate to flee the country before Hitler's ground forces arrive. Mac McGrath, a veteran American photographer, recorded the landslide toward war with dedication, believing if he told the turth, the world would rise up and put a stop to Hitler's evil plans. Now his foolish idealism embarrasses him. Outside the embassy gates, Jewish schoolteacher Eva Weitzman prays for a miracle. Without a British passport, she will fall into the Nazis' clutches. Who will live and who will die? Will anyone dare to stand against the apathy of the nations? 350 pages




Hitler's chilling secret is revealed. But will anyone believe it in time to save the sleeping neutral nations?

American journalist Josephine Marlow knows firsthand the horrors of war--the bombs, the senseless slaughter when Warsaw fell to the Nazis. Now assigned to the Paris AP office, Josie sees the impending danger. Spies have already infiltrated the countries of Belgium and Holland and stand ready to assist with the invasion. Will they finally turn the tide of the war? 350 pages




As spring 1940 unfolds in Paris, war is inevitble. AP journalist Josephine Marlow is asked to undertake a dangerous journey back into the borders of the reich--just when the Fuhrer is gathering his forces for another invasion. If she is successful, a child will live. If not, he will die. And many other children, too.

French colonel Andre Chardon knows that the undefeated Fuhrer will not hold back his Blitzkrieg long from France. But the plan of attack revealed in a coded message is so audacious that no one believes Andre. Whom can he convince? Who will have the courage to act before thousands of innocents are slaughtered? And is a miracle at Dunkirk Harbor possible? 350 pages