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When the World Stops DVD

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What now?

  • Is this pandemic the final plague from Revelation?
  • Are we indeed in the final days before Jesus' return?
  • Who or what sent the virus?

This DVD features Michael L. Brown sharing the behind-the-scenes story of how the book came together in just six days, followed by an encouraging, practical recap of the takeaway messages of each chapter in the book. The DVD concludes with Dr. Brown reading Psalm 91 aloud in Hebrew. You'll want to listen to this reminder over and over again that now is the time to seize every opportunity, even in times of uncertainty, to be the true church, to trust that God is with us, and to share a gospel message that was made for times like these.

Dr. Brown brings biblically sound and clear answers for staying healthy, living with wisdom, and maintaining your faith. Cut through the confusion, see beyond the headlines, and maintain your composure and faith when the world needs Christ the most. As we move forward with wisdom in the power of the Holy Spirit, we must understand that "the darkness is the divine setup for the light. The sickness is the divine setup for the healing. The current crisis is the divine setup for the church to arise and shine and make a difference. We must seize this moment before it passes. We must milk it to the full, for the glory of God. Does your heart bear witness to my words?"

Number of Disc: 1
Runtime: 45 minutes
UPC: 86000-4289111